The Board of Directors is pleased to announce Swim At Your Own Risk trial program.   
If you are interested in participating, you should do the following:

(a) read "SAYOR Trial Announcement"

(b) read "SAYOR Rules - 2019"

(c) print & complete "SAYOR Release Waiver - 2019" and

(d) bring completed and signed printed waiver along with
photo ID to the POA office.  

Every adult must sign an individual waiver
including family members & guests.
Only printed copies will be accepted, no digital files.

Office staff will verify your account  
before waivers are accepted.  Accounts must have a
zero balance to participate.
"SAYOR Trial Announcement"

"SAYOR Rules - 2019"

"SAYOR Release Waiver - 2019"

Tuesday -  Friday:  6 am to 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday:  8 am to 8 pm
Closed On Mondays For Maintenance

Monthly Board Meeting

Imperial Oaks Park POA
Monthly Board Meeting

Tuesday - October 15th - 6:30 pm - POA Clubroom
31110 Imperial Oaks Blvd.
Board Meetings Are Open To The Community